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Anonymous asked: Imagine Bucky kissing the scar he left on Nat every time she wears a crop top or bikinis


(it’s not that she’s embarrassed by the scar, she just doesn’t wear crop tops a lot. she never really liked them until sam shoved a pale green one in her arms and she realized hey, they’re pretty cute. anyway.) 

the first time it happens, they’re on the roof together, natasha lying in the sun with her tank top riding up and bucky spots it. no matter what anyone says, he still feels guilty about it, but he knows what nat’ll say if he apologizes (for the fourteenth time- she’s keeping track.)

so instead of saying anything, he leans over and drops a light kiss on her hipbone. the look she gives him is strange- he can’t read it that well. so he just stands up and walks away.

he does it the first time he sees her in that pale green crop top, the one that sam bought her. she ventures out in a bikini for the first time that july, and he drops a kiss to her shoulder and kisses the scar while she floats in the pool.

he’ll push her shirt up when they’re just lying on the couch and press his lips to it, and occasionally he’ll catch her smile.

#occasionally they’ll be in bed and as he slinks down her body he’ll kiss it in reverence #and she knows that it’s his way of apologizing for it without saying the words that she hates hearing from him #and she knows that it’s his little way of professing his love #and that’s enough for her


Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms
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